thinkpad T460p disable the graphic card

Nov. 1, 2021, 11:39 p.m.

Hi everyone. I just got my first thinkpad T460p. It comes with NVIDIA graphic card Geforce 940MX, which I never use. My question is: " Is there any way to completely disable the graphic card, cuz I will never use it and I don't want to have any thermal issue with my laptop."

Oct. 26, 2021, 2:09 a.m.

You should be able to set your graphics device to integrated device only in BIOS instead of dedicated or Optimus (swithcable) graphics.

I just check BIOS and to be honest, I can't find any settings related to graphic cards

Config - Display - Graphics Device was the location when I last checked.

Here is the display config in my computer. My BIOS version is 2.31. What is yours?

I don't have a E530, I have a T530, a couple of them, and a couple of W530 as well.

No. The BIOS version not the laptop series.

Yours should be 2.60. That is the latest for the E530. My T530/W530 don't matter to you.

My thinkpad is T460p. Its BIOS version is 2.31

I couldn't find any graphic cards settings like yours.

Gaaah, sorry my friend.... I got lost in threads here.

Oct. 28, 2021, 2:24 p.m.

you will use it, and 940mx is not really that hot.

Nov. 1, 2021, 8:26 a.m.

I see no reason to tinker with it. By default, integrated Intel gpu is used, unless you need to run GPU-demanding tasks.
GPU is switched on but it has disabled clock-so it has power consumption so low it does not matter. Read about static vs dynamic power consumption of CMOS gates to understand why.
And if you have updated nvidia drivers, you can easily launch any task using GPU of your choice.
BTW, you don't 'select' which GPU is used per se. Read about Nvidia Optimus technology. Long story short, integrates GPU does ALL DISPLAYING of rendered images. Only if you(or driver or os) decides to use dedicated nvidia gpu, then:
1) image is calculated using discrete GPU
2) rendered image is sent via PCIE to integraded GPU
3) Integrated GPU displays pre-rendered image.
4) repeat for next image to render movie/game in real time
My recommendation-browse nvidia driver settings and set preferred GPU to Intel on battery and forget about the rest. Both Nvidia and Intel engineers knew what they were doing, you can trust them.

Last thing-and you might find that confusing as hell-there are cases when using discrete GPU is more energy efficient than using integrated GPU. Most notable example is using CAD or Blender. If you want to render something complex, integrated GPU might render it for let's say 10 minutes.
940mx might do that in 2 minutes-and your laptop will consume less watt-miutes using all it can for 2 minutes than using only something for 10 minutes.

So to wrap it up-don't mess with it unless you know 100% what you're doing, otherwise you might do more harm than benefit without even realizing it!

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