I was thinking about buying one of these (Workstation Thinkpad W540 i7-4910mq

Oct. 10, 2022, 2:59 a.m.


I was thinking about buying one of these

(Workstation Thinkpad W540 i7-4910mq ddr3 ram with Quadro K1100m GPU)


(Thinkpad E580 i5-8250u ddr4 ram with Intel UHD 620 GPU)

For AutoCAD, Photoshop, 3D programs and some light games.

The workstation w540 is very heavy compared to e580, and the pictures show some comparison between their processors and graphic cards, they look little similar.

What are your opinions and advice?


Oct. 10, 2022, 2:59 a.m.

W540: workhorse, but is becoming of age. Windows 11 will never be formally supported on it. Battery will also not last very long, as both the CPU and GPU will drain it.

E580: 8th gen intel, so Windows 11 is supported. E-series = entry level ThinkPad, not as sturdy as the T, W, X or P series. I would probably never pick an E-series ThinkPad, but it's 4 years newer than the W540, so this is a hard choice.

so if u re in that situation, u will choose w540 for workhorse, and windows 10 ltsc can be installed, not necessary 11 ?

I prefer w540 than e580.
Still worth for CAD, graphic editing and a little audio video editing.
For me, in my country, more cheaper w540 than e580 to upgrade ram or storage.

I meant it is recent generation, ddr4, lighter in weight, what do u think

I dont mind about weight, i used thinkpad w541, its around 2,5kg (5.5 lbs)
Main reason for me, ddr3 its more cheaper than ddr4 also for storage. On w541 i still can used hdd caddy for extra storage.

My thinkpad spec.
nVidia K1100m 1gb
32gb ddr3l
512mb m.2 sata ssd
2 tb hdd x2

Main used for design graphic and java. But some times used for audio video editing.

But if you want more lighter i suggest e580, 2,1kg (4.7 lbs).

very nice
What about heating and cooling
Did u face any heating issue with w541?

If egpu works on E580, i would. (Thunderbolt3 or NVMe.)

I think e580 is nicer but the construction

No problem at all, just face problem one time but its because thermal paste dryed out.

very cool

Oct. 10, 2022, 2:59 a.m.



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