Thinkpad 500: Im in the ebay market for a used 17in p7x thinkpad for running autocad

Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

Im in the ebay market for a used 17in p7x thinkpad for running autocad and other 3d software.

My budget is about 500-1700 usd.

My question is what would be my best bang for the buck. P70, p71, p72, p73? And what configuration would be best?


Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

Check this one out. A P17 Gen2 with very decent specs.

thanks but im looking for a p70 - p73 like the post says.

Alright. Any particular reason why you wouldn't want a newer model?

But what are you looking for in CPU / GPU / RAM / Display resolution / Storage?

i just dont know much about the p17. I like the chassis of the p70. I have used them at work before. The p17 you sent actually looks pretty good as far as specs. I think i can get similar specs in a p70 for much cheaper maybe

The P17 is the successor of the P7x series, that's all.

thanks ill look i to it, maybe ill end up with a p17

For your needs, there's absolutely no downside of going for a newer P17 gen 1/2 vs the older P7x machines.

you cant get more bang for buck with the p7x?

Sure, but these workstations do not drop dramatically in price, even for the oldest P70 / P71. A P70/71 with similar specs as mine (Xeon / 64GB ECC RAM / Quadro M4000M / 4k display) are going at $1200, and they are since 2016/2017.

The 17" P-series have such a vast array of configuration options. It's not like getting a used T-series machine. You can get a very spruced out P7x machine but half of the price of that unit may be in configuration options you don't need.

Like if you plan to use it docked as a desktop replacement, a 4k screen is really not necessary. And going for the biggest GPU options, which is probably the most costly part of the machine, will make it exponentially more expensive.

Do you need ECC RAM? Then you need a unit with a Xeon CPU. The list of options is very large.

I'd have to check autodesk about the ram. Thanks for the write up, this is very helpful! Yes I want the best graphics card i can get and atleast 32 gigs of ram. My last company workstation had 64 gigs ram. I was running multiple instances of acad with very large files along with navis and other programs. I probably wont need a 4k screen 1080p is fine for me

nice price for the P17. And I think it is a better choice than p7x. Unless you need a thinkpad with 4 harddisk bays.


Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

Check this one out too. It has an i9 / 64GB / RTX4000 GPU and 1TB SSD (You can add more M.2 SSD drives down the line if you need them) but it has a FHD display, not the 4k one. So a very powerful package for a very reasonable price.

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