Thinkpad T430: Anytime I'm doing more than one thing, example watching youtube and browsing

Oct. 11, 2022, 4 a.m.

I have an X280 with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8650U CPU @ 1.90GHz 2.11 GHz 16.0 GB (15.9 GB usable) running Windows 10 Pro. Anytime I'm doing more than one thing, example watching youtube and browsing Facebook, the processor is running at 90%+ and the fan is going crazy! In contrast my X230 i7 and T430 i7 could do all of this and it would barely touch it. What the hell is going on? Is this processor just not beefy enough? It's an i7... Any advice?

Oct. 11, 2022, 4 a.m.

U series vs M series processors. Those in the 30 series are mobile class and the 80 series ultrabook class. Those mobile have more thermal headroom than the ultrabooks

Right. So what can I replace this rubbish thing with that will preform like a real machine and will fit my X280 docking station?

get at p52 those came in with H series processors may fit in the same dock but not that sure

Just wipe Windows and install Linux and you'll be able to use this machine without problem.

I have data to backup my statement. My Thinkpad has a U series too, and yours has more performance than mine, about 16% more real world performance.

Performance much increases with linux. Windows 10 is bloated AF, has lots of telemetry (=spyware), and it's getting worse over time. not to mention you can't uninstall most of it without some specialist tooling, and even when you do get things uninstalled, the shit comes back with newer Windows updates.

first of all, it's Windows 10, not "Microsoft 10". Secondly, everything you said is either a gross overexaggeration of just outright false. I've seen Windows 10 run just fine on a 9 year old ThinkPad and on $200 netbooks with a Celeron and 4 GB of RAM. The "telemetry" stuff can be disabled in 10 minutes and forgotten about. It does NOT "reinstall" itself. None of it is "spyware" either, nor does it have any meaningful effect on performance. Does Windows 10 have more hardware demands than Lubuntu or some XFCE Linux distro? Absolutely. But it's far from some overwrought, bloated, unusable piece of shit. I say that as someone who used to HATE Microsoft and I own Macs and my oldest ThinkPad is running Kubuntu, so I get it. But there is NO reason OP shouldn't be able to get satisfactory performance out of this hardware. Something's up. His only options are NOT "buy newer hardware or install Linux". Linux is fantastic AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GETTING INTO. I wish people would stop acting as if it's perfect for every person and every situation. It's not. It has plenty of it's own shortcomings. For one thing, as a Linux user you are relegated to substandard crappy clones of most commercial software or trying to run stuff in WINE or a VM. That's fine for people who only need a browser but professionals who need a real office suite and don't want to use some Google Docs cloud crap, it's not. GIMP is not a worthy substitute for Photoshop, it's not even close, unless you're a total amateur using it to make memes. It's awesome for lots of reasons, but it is not trouble-free and the app gap is a serious issue for users who do more than use a browser and send some email. Sure, it's way easier to live with now than it was 15 years ago when I first took a crack at Fedora Core, but it's still not a flawless plug and play solution for an inexperienced user who doesn't know how to (or doesn't want to) ever have to troubleshoot. By all means, recommend Linux when it makes sense, but people need to understand it is NOT a plug and play replacement for Windows. That's even more true on a laptop where energy management, thermals and battery life can be factors too. And if your PC has Nvidia GPU, forget it.

I'd like to say: download Fedora Workstation, put it on a USB stick, there's a Winows USB utility to format and write a USB stick, and you can try it out without installing, see how well it runs on your ThinkPad, how smooth it is, and whether you like it, don't like? Boot into Windows, wipe the stick with the same utility. done.

You can try Fedora Workstation without the need to install it, put it on a USB stick, there's a Winows USB utility on the Fedora site to format and write a USB stick with the ISO image.

Enable booting from USB in ThinkPad BIOS if that's not already, then boot from it, see how well it runs on your ThinkPad, how smooth it is, open dozens of browser tabs and windows, play videos etc, and see whether you like it, that's probably the most important thing.

Don't like it? Boot into Windows, wipe the USB stick with the same Windows utility. Done.

I just know it, another Windows hater.

I don’t remember saying Windows never needs troubleshooting. But your information about Windows “slowing down” is also an exaggeration and woefully out of date. The days when you had to reinstall Windows every year or two are long over.

My ThinkPad W530 shipped with Windows 8. I updated it to 10 and I used it for almost 8 years on the same updated Windows install. It was fine. No issues. No dramatic slowdowns. No problems to speak of.

Unless you’re a complete moron and purposely go to super sketchy websites and click on everything you see, chances are great that you can buy a Windows PC and use it for as long as I did without issue.

Even leaving the supposedly evil telemetry alone. I wonder how many people who worry about “Microsoft spyware” also use Google, Gmail and Facebook daily, all of which infomine you far more aggressively than Microsoft. 🤔 Windows isn’t as elegant as macOS nor as customizable or lean as Linux. But it’s not Windows XP anymore either. I wouldn’t touch any version of Windows before 7. It was all hot garbage.

But today Windows is a perfectly serviceable OS that works well on hardware that’s as basic as a $300 Chromebook. There is no reason for OP to have any performance issues with his hardware with what he is doing unless something is up with his hardware or he has installed some crappy software.

He’s got nothing to lose trying Linux though. But if he wants to use Windows and he’s not sure what may have been installed, do a clean system install, install an SSD if you don’t already have one and vaccum and clean out the inside of the laptop and the fans while you’re in there.

If my 9 year old W530 can run Win 10 flawlessly then this machine should too. I think everyone that’s reasonably tech savvy and interested in tinkering should try Linux though. I’d honestly rather use it then Windows too.

If there’s ever a version of Linux that works perfectly with my Nvidia GPU without endless tinkering and Microsoft and Adobe and a few others make commercial grade software for it, I will jump to Linux and never look back. But LibreOffice and it’s fellows all suck, GIMP sucks too. But lots of people just want to browse the Internet and watch videos and are find with LibreOffice for an occasional newsletter and using Gmail and Google Docs and GIMP for their memes.

For those people, as long as they don’t mind a higher *possibilty* of needing to tinker or troubleshoot, they should absolutely try Linux (I’d suggest as mainstream as possible, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Linux Mint etc.) distros that have regular home users in mind. If they love it, they should stick with it. I would too, if I could.

I just have to speak up when a wild Linux zealot appears and shits all over Windows assuming it’s the problem on a 4–5 year old laptop and suggests Linux is the answer to every problem without explaining the caveats. I want EVERYONE to try Linux.

I just want them to go into it with their eyes open and realistic expectations. I also want people to stop exaggerating and talking nonsense about Windows like it’s some unusable pile of shit. As a former Mac user I’m here to tell windows hasn’t been that for a long time. It’s as about as dependable as Mac OS now.

But I love Linux and I want to see it succeed. I’d much rather that than the Windows hegemony or worse, Google taking over the planet with Chrome OS (you want to talk about spyware? Imagine the worlds biggest dealer in personal information owning the dominant phone OS AND the dominant PC OS). Microsoft on its best day was never as creepy and totalitarian as Google is.

Anyway, I’d love to see Linux more widespread as a desktop OS. I wish most of the world was using it because it would be a lot better and more uniform and there would actually be good apps for it.

Nah, I don't hate Windows, I've been around since DOS. I liked NT, and Windows 7.

Before Windows 7 was EOL MIrcosoft forced my upgrade, which came with telemetry I meticulously removed, then I got a forced update. I now advocate against eviil Microsoft. Create awarenenss, not hate.

Keith mentioned a performance problem with his laptop, and in the comments suggested replacing it with a different device, that seemed me excessive, and while my suggestion to wipe Windows and install Linux may seem excessive to some of the Windows fans out here, seen in light of his question to replace his ThinkPad it is not. Whether this is something that suits him or not, is up to him, My suggestion doesn't make me a "Linux zealot" because of it.

it will be twice as big and 3 times as heavy !!

Since more than ten years I'm without Windows, a time without any performance problems.
Linux and Thinkpad rocks with TLP.

My T480 came preinstalled with fresh Windows 10 and just idling it was consuming my PC' resources and heating it up with fans revving up with me doing nothing... Now that i installed Linux (EndeavourOS), fans spin rarely and pc doesn't heat up, although i have multiple processes open.

Oct. 11, 2022, 4 a.m.

Use Task Manager to figure out what's using the CPU

Maybe there are performance settings you can change

Oct. 11, 2022, 4 a.m.

Sounds like DPTF is driving you crazy. Intel has really bizarre frequency control on Kaby Lake-R mobile processors as Intel overestimated the power of these mobile processors, especially i5-8250U and i7-8650U. If you don't find any culprits on software side, you may want to use XTU to tweak the processor and stop DPTF from underclock your CPU down to 400MHz. That's a reason why I chose T495 over T490.

Forcing everyone to get rid of Windows and switch to Linux isn't realistic, if you're not sure if you have any applications that only available on Windows and cannot be run with VM or Wine, think carefully if you should switch to any Linux distro.

If anything you want to do can be done without Windows, I guess Chrome OS (not Chrome OS Flex) should be a better option than general Linux distro for saving efforts, unless you think Google is as evil as MSFT.

In my case I have a headless Linux machine that can be accessed via SSH and 60% of my daily applications are only available on Windows. Additionally, few games I play also feature anti-cheat system that obviously will refuse to run on Wine/Proton/VM.

Sorry didn't see your comment until now, so hence the late reply.

I wasn't forcing any one, I was suggesting to Craig specifically to move to Linux as he was considering replacing his beautiful ThinkPad with another device. He can try Fedora Linux out without even the need to install it, and test whether it solves his problem, therefor proving he would or would not need to replace the ThinkPad he has.

I understand, every person's use case is different. Craig's use cases did not include playing games, but did mention multitasking, watching youtube, browsing facebook etc.

Alternative solutions include a dual boot, for those who do want to be able to run either Windows or Linux.

Oct. 11, 2022, 4 a.m.

My X280 was the same until I undervolted with Throttlestop now runs quiet and cool and the battery lasts about an hour longer maybe more. Good Throttlestop videos on YouTube.

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