Thinkpad T440p: Ive also heard that you can get a i7 4980HQ which has the iris pro 5200

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

For people using Thinkpad T440p

is it worth it buying a GT730M Motherboard?

I have the igpu variant right now. although it works pretty well, it would be great if i could run some games on the go. not really the AAA titles but more like the less intensive games like Genshin Impact and Minecraft.

Ive also heard that you can get a i7 4980HQ which has the iris pro 5200 Graphics. but those are about 47w so i have a feeling i cant use the GPU to its full potential due to thermal throttling.

any thoughts and answers are appriciated!

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

I can't speak for Genshin Impact, but it'll chew through Minecraft nicely. Especially if you run one of the optimized mods.

Quad-core + the GT730M does produce quite a bit of heat, so I actually use liquid metal in mine.

not necessarily worth it. I have the GT 730 version and genshin is not great.

Most things don’t run great and they run HOT. If you can get a really cheap one maybe. Otherwise it might be worth looking for a newer computer with better graphics.

ooh i see. although i could play anyway on my phone. it would be a nice plus to play it on my Thinkpad too.

are you running it at 720p? my goal for this laptop is usually 720p at ether 0.6 or 0.8 res scale.

as for the last statement definately. i heard that the T480 can wipe out the T440p in almost everything. although prices for the T480 here are quite expensive.

i think the motherboard + cooler would be like 100 USD? thats quite a bit for just a GT730M. though compared to the i7 4980HQ. it might cost double.

for Minecraft. i guess it should run pretty well considering its mostly depending on the CPU, since i heard minecraft is CPU intensive. with the stock config + optifine. i could get around 60FPS most of the time on multiplayer. so i am fully satisfied on the minecraft side of things.

I did run genshin at 720p and turned the graphics down. My big issue, apart from the laptop heating up pretty high was that genshin is a beautiful game. The scenery is really pretty. To me, it wasn’t worth it to lose that just so I could make the game playable.

Other games I have no problem turning the graphics down to make it playable.

Genshin I did.

As for the motherboard,

I believe the 4980HQ is a mod and I don’t know how it would interact with the other components. I could be wrong though.

$100 for the motherboard with the gt 730 is not worth it in my opinion.

That is a lot of money for mediocre 720p gaming.

That said, if you have the money and you want to do it because you like tinkering and you like the challenge then do it!

God knows I have spent over $400 on my t440p to ensure it has a 1080p ips screen, quad core cpu, 16gb ram, new battery, new charger, and new trackpad.

I could have gotten a fully specced T480 or even a used gaming laptop for that amount. But I love the thinkpad so it was worth it to me.

ooh i see, i do get where you are coming from, Genshin is quite a beautiful game and it kinda sucks to set it all to low just to get a consistent 60FPS.

Right now the T440p that i have is barebones, except for the fact it came with 16GB of ram. although id have to buy an SSD and a new battery before i even begin making this Thinkpad Faster.

I do agree also with your statement about the T480. sure it would be better than the T440p but like you said, its quite priceless enjoying tinkering and upgrading a laptop. and especially since that the T440p was actually the first real laptop i had. back then i was just stuck with those touch screen netbooks. though sadly i sold that a couple years later. Sure it isnt the best way to spend your money but it is just so fun doing it!

i think i should do the GT730M swap before the display though, as the display looks fine with me. i did have one of those innolux panels back then, its surely better than the stock 1600x900 panel. but the 1600x900 panel is perfectly fine with day to day tasks.

If you are going to stick with a 1600x900 panel at least try to get an IPS panel.

do you know any links to buy those panels? couldnt find anything in Facebook Marketplace. that and amazon and ebay charge so much for shipping. if you could find one anyways there too

that is the real trick. I found a 1080p ips panel on ebay with free shipping but it was like $70. The thing is, its costs more to upgrade these units than it does to buy a new equivalent. So you have to decide what is worth it to you. I wanted a brand new 9 cell battery, and a 1080p IPS panel, and a Quad Core CPU and because of that my stock 90w power adapter was no longer sufficient so I had to buy a new power brick. For me, the process of being able to upgrade the laptop is well worth it for me. But that is because I like to tinker

I get 150+ fps in Minecraft. This is an i7-4712mq, overclocked gt730m, 8gb RAM, running the Fabulously Optimized mod, under Manjaro Linux.

Here it is at 175fps

thats insanely impressive for a T440p! though do you think that massive framerate is because of the CPU or the GPU?

in not sure to be honest. I can't figure out how to get mangohud (Linux equivalent to msi afterburner) to work with this.

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

Always external GPU boxes, some arent that bad either

ive heard that its not possible to find egpu’s for the T440p. but for the T540p and the W540 i think its possible. although they are super rare here.

oh i see. it does require some modification to the bottom lid but im glad to see that its possible. Thanks alot! ill be considering that. seems the cheapest way to have a GPU on the thinkpad.

absolutely, you can look on thingyverse to see if anyone has a preformat for a 3d printed panel

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

4980HQ is expensive and is modded, it's usually a soldered chip. All the other quad cores are already 47w or 57w

so would it be better to just go to the GT730M? and with that extra bit of money maybe a I7 4702MQ?

Yeah I'd go with the 730M if you want the power, and I'd probably go with a 4700MQ and just limit the power to 37W in XTU if you're really really concerned

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