Thinkpad T460: 4 - Trackpad & Keyboard as compared to T460 5 - Display quality 6 - How

Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

I just wanted to know more about the ThinkPad T460P. After doing some research, I found pros & cons both. But still have some doubts.

1 - The build quality as compared to the T460

2 - The battery backup

3 - is it possible to disable the dGPU?

4 - Trackpad & Keyboard as compared to T460

5 - Display quality

6 - How many mods I can apply? (Upgradeability)

I appreciate any help you can provide.

Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

For build quality and comparison to the T460 it should be basically identical, although it is a grey chassis. Not much in the way of moddability, no Thunderbolt, screen options are good, don't think you can disable the dGPU, and it doesn't have an internal battery. Hope that answers some questions

thanks, Does A internal battery mean a CMOS battery?

I was referring to the power bridge system, it still has a CMOS battery. It doesn't have a full size system battery inside like the T460 though


i7 - 6820HQ/4 GB Ram/128GB SSD/940MX GPU

= $270


i5-6300U/16Gb/256GB SSD = $250

Can you please tell me what I should get?

my preference will always be for the faster and heavier laptop. Looks like a good deal on a T460p with a really good spec, although you'll want to upgrade the RAM and SSD. The T460 will have much better battery life, but the T460p will be significantly faster

Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

I think you need to look at your use case. The T460p was considered the premium, ultra slim high end version. As mentioned it only has the single battery. If you intend to use it mobile and away from the ability to charge it mid-day, the power bridge is very nice to have. For me thats the only reason I would prefer the T460. And FYI, I do own 2 T460 laptops that I use almost every day. One is dedicated to my auto repair hobby, the other in more general use that I plan to use exclusively for astrophotography.

Of your two choices, the T460p is pretty low on both ram and ssd, so build that into your purchase price if you plan to upgrade. Even though, it is spec'd pretty well.

PS I believe the T460p does have a magnesium lower case for the increased rigidity.

, wow, you’re a t460 user and still recommending the t460p. It sounds great!

The cost of upgrading the SSD & ram can give me a better model, I believe. Also, the battery life isn’t as great as I heard.

I like my T460 a lot. If I had not found a silly cheap deal on a fully loaded T480 I would still be using the T460 as my daily driver. For everyday tasks it is a very capable computer especially if you are running Linux.

, I’m going to run Hackintosh on it, but all those comments confuse me between the t460 and the P variant. Right now, I don’t have enough budget to upgrade the SSD & Ram for the 460p.

While I assume you can run MacOS on 4gb/128gb, I am not sure you will be very happy with it. I am a regular daily user of Mac laptops and I spend a good deal of time in Mac forums. I would think 8gb ram and 256gb, preferably 512gb ssd would be the minimum most people would suggest for running the more recent versions of MacOS.

the "P" series laptops were targeted at the executive users who still needed a full sized laptop but wanted the thinest lightest they could get. Certainly a status symbol same as some of the other premium series were. The non-p would be more the workhorse T-series, a bit bigger and heavier but more room for expansion and the power bridge dual battery let them do "real work" for hours without carrying a spare battery or need to plug in.

, should I go with the t460? What did you say?

I would do a bit more research into the ram and storage needs of a hackintosh. If you can't afford to upgrade those on the T460p then the regular T460 is probably the better choice. The other question that I do not know anything about is if the GPU will even work under MacOS, Apple was very limiting in the GPUs that they support.

, see, 128GB and 4GB ram will work for a Hackintosh, but it’s insufficient for my needs. And you’re correct. The dGPU will not work on macOS, so I have to disable it. I can't take advantage of it.

If the memory and storage won't work for your needs then the T460 sounds like the one for you. You will give up the i7 processor but gain the extra battery.

You did not mention anything about the screens, The T460p only came with 1080 or better, the regular T460 did come with a 768 screen which is not very good. That would be one more thing to check on before you make your final decision. If it has the 1080 screen then it should be a good choice.

, I checked the screen of T460, and it's 1366x768, as you said. And t460p has an FHD one.

The 1366x768 screen is not a very good screen I don't think you will enjoy it for an everyday computer unless you plan to use an external monitor for a lot of your work. It would be easier and likely less cost to add memory and storage to the T460p than do a screen swap on the T460.

Up to you, neither is your ideal choice.

, thanks for your suggestion & time. I ordered the T460P because the T460 doesn’t even come with an internal battery.

Oct. 8, 2022, 1:07 a.m.

you can check all lenovo spec, materials, etc.

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