Thinkpad X1: I should be being sent a replacement unit once that is done but it will

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

A tech came around to repair my laptop again - the camera shutter snapped internally most likely after the bezel was reused multiple times and the shutter not aligning with the cutout putting excess pressure on the shutter when it was in a position it should not have been. I have been having random issues with the lighting completely saturating the camera image or the opposite (image goes completely black) when using the Windows Camera app. They replaced the webcam, shutter and camera cable yet the issue still happens. I had a motherboard replacement twice. It was also found that the bezel wouldn't sit flat due to a previous replacement LCD panel in my laptop being bent at the bottom even when properly screwed in. They tried to flatten out the bezel and the corners of the LCD but cracked the panel in the process. My laptop is an X1 Extreme Gen 2 and they are currently processing my replacement request. I should be being sent a replacement unit once that is done but it will take longer since my laptop was purchased secondhand. God knows how they are going to replace it since the model is out of production and given the fact that the X1 Extreme Gen 5 costs $5640 NZD just for the base unit. I have explained that given I've had 5 services and six months of constant communication with the Premier Support line almost every day or every second day that I won't accept a refurbished device especially since the 'new' replacement device would be have the same warranty period which in and of itself is unfair since I've been screwed out of 6 months of my warranty and paid to extend it for an extra year because of their garbage service

Oct. 10, 2022, 3:24 a.m.

I have the X1 extreme gen 5 and got it pre-assembled for $4670 including tax I9 12th gen. Sorry to hear that your having these problems, good luck. 😢

They denied the replacement request and another tech is going to come around on Monday. They're absolute assholes...

call customer service.

I keep calling them. I call them every other day...

I took the 3 year in home warranty and I hope that this covers everything so I don't have to fight to get repairs done

Same. 9 months left on a Premier Warranty with at home repairs. Not like it matters because the at home repairs have been garbage. I feel like I'm deserving of a new laptop because they've wasted my time and the laptop is becoming increasingly obsolescent....

They tried to say that because it is secondhand they can't replace it. It is written into their policy that they must, the warranty is tied to the laptop (very well known) and they asked for proof of purchase. NOWHERE does it mention that proof of purchase is needed anywhere in their warranty policy documents plus it doesn't matter because they are still providing the service, the warranty policy is very clear and it would breach the New Zealand Fair Trading Act. I've threatened to take them to court. They are trying to make up excuses that aren't even valid...

It states that after three failed attempts I am eligible for a replacement. Five services. Seven technician trips and 6 months later they still are refusing to give me a replacement

I wish I had some words of wisdom, but I don't.

They're most certainly breaching the law by refusing the replacement. That's for sure

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